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Partners who support our shows: Please see the German page and click here.


Partners who did support our around-the-world-tour:

Radsport Kotnik

The Austrian company Radsport Kotnik was already founded in 1948 by Leopold Kotnik. After his death Franz Kotnik took over and after changing the company's location twice, Radsport Kotnik today is found in Graz St. Peter. Radsport Kotnik is known for best expertise and brands, and features besides bicycles, spare-parts, clothing, special-gear, repair- and allround-service.


Radsport Kotnik was organising our bicycles (two Cayenne 7000) and continuously supplies us with spare-parts and bicycle-clothes.


You find all current offers, featured brands, news... at www.kotnik.at or just pass by at: St. Peter Hauptstrasse 195, 8042 Graz, Austria.

Northland Professional

The Austrian Company Northland Professional was founded in 1973 by Gerwalt Pichler while being on a Mt. McKinley expedition. Today Northland Professional is producing a complete range of products in the outdoor- and textile-division and is found in 36 countries. Northland Professional stands for innovative products of highest quality, where most modern materials are used.


Products that we are using from Northland Professional span across the complete outdoor-sector and cover besides many other products: breathable (Exotherm) raingear, Softshell jackets, fleeces, thermo-underwear, socks, caps, gloves, bandanas, shirts, T-shirts, pants, wind-jackets, sandals, shoes, pots, knives, backpacks, sleeping-bags, tents and much more. See Equipment for the currently used gear.



Northland Professional is permanently providing us with new products while we are on our way.


Check out the currently available product-selection of Northland Professional and the locations of the shops at www.northland-pro.com.

GRAWE - Grazer Wechselseitige Versicherung

In 1828 Archduke Johann founded the Grazer Wechselseitige Versicherung, which in the beginning was a fire-insurance for Austria only. Today, more than 180 years later, GRAWE is an international trust, incorporating insurance-companies, banks and real estate, and is found in 13 countries.


Every year GRAWE is generously supporting us financially.


You can find the locations of GRAWE, insurance-products and anything worth knowing about the trust at www.grawe.at.


MAGURA was established in Urach, Southern Germany, in 1893 by Gustav Magenwirth, an engineer with a remarkably inventive spirit. With kerosene engines, hydraulic press pumps and hydrostatic mechanical equipment, he laid the foundations for the company’s subsequent success.


Today the MAGURA brand is recognized world wide. In addition to MAGURA with its several subsidiaries around the world, nowadays the Munz-Magenwirth Group under the family owned holding company Munz-Magenwirth Beteiligungs GmbH (MBG) also consists of BEBRO electronic with its subsidiaries BEFLEX electronic (Frickenhausen, Germany) and BEFRA Electronic in the Czech Republic.


MAGURA equips our bicycles with world’s best hydraulic breaks and also financially supports our expedition.


You find everything about products, dealers, news and the online-shop on the site www.magura.com


Schwalbe is a subsidiary of the company Bohle, who is since 1911 in the production of bicycles and in the in- and exporting business of bicycle-products. The management decided that the imported bicycle-tyres were of too little quality and founded in 1973 Schwalbe. Today Schwalbe is - with the Marathon - producing by far the best, durable and unpuncturable bicycle-tyre of the world.


Schwalbe is equipping us with bicycle-tyres and tubes throughout our expedition.


Everything you need to know about world's best bicycle-tyres can be found at www.schwalbe.com. You can purchase Schwalbe tyres in all good bicycle-stores.


SOLARC was found in Berlin in 1997 and is developing, producing and distributing innovative high-end photovoltaic-products and –systems in the lower and medium work-section. The range of products spans from simple electrical-power-supply-systems to complete consumer- and industrial-products. Besides their own production-line, SOLARC is particularly working in customized solutions.


For SOLARC we are already testing the second solar-charger e.GO! Master, with which we charge batteries, telephone,etc... when there is no power-socket available.


Check out more about this young company and how to get SOLARC products at www.solarc.de.


The British company Dazer is producing a selection of defence-products against unfriendly and aggressive animals since 1989.


Dazer equips us with two a Dazer II, ultrasonic-dog-chasers.


On the website www.dazer.com you can find all the product-selection and how you get your own Dazer.