--- Other vehicles ---


11. and 12.04.2012, Pamplona (Spain), Martin: Quite some pilgrims are on their way to Santiago de Compostela or hike at least a part of the way. Only a few really start at their own door steps. Martin from Switzerland is one of the few. He has started in February and wants to get to Santiago in the middle of May. And then? Maybe he will wander further or maybe he will turn back? We spend an evening chatting with him and also the next morning while having breakfast in the guesthouse "Albergue Paderborn" in Pamplona. Then we continue our journeys into opposite directions.

17.04.2011, on a campsite close to Mossburn ( New Zealand), Landey, Alexander and Damienmarc: We stay the night from 17th to 18th of April on a cosy campsite along the five river road and learn to know Landey, Alexander and Damienmarc in the evening. The tree young Englishmen are on their way by foot from the northernmost to the southernmost point of New Zealand – since more than 150 days! Five days more and they are done. We have much to talk and ask about, and the mutual inspiration-factor is high :-) We are impressed by their enthusiasm to conquer the world! www.tastytrek.com



15.02.2011, 70 kilometres before Ushuaia (Argentina), Josef: The road leads us through forest and over many hills, when we meet Josef. The young British guy has started a few days ago in Ushuaia. His plan is to walk up to Uruguay. Wow!



18.01.2011, in the mountains after Cerro Castillo, Carretera Austral (Chile), André and Mireille: What a coincidence! We meet André and Mireille for the second time. They had invited us in their Hymer Mobil a couple of month ago in Bolivia just before La Paz. After that they were in Chile and enjoy the Carretera Austral before returning to paved road soon. They are on their way to Ushuaia and Buenos Aires. We sit with them again in their cosy camper, sip hot tea and coffee, eat cookies and try to chat in Spanish, English, French – todo mixto...



10.01.2011, south of La Junta, Carretera Austral (Chile), Erika and Jürg: We see many travellers driving their own vehicle – especially on the Carretera Austral – but they never stop. Erika and Jürg from Switzerland are the exception. They have been on the road since two years; first in Africa and now in South America. www.trans-geo.com


23. and 24.12.2010, shortly before and in San Martin de los Andes (Argentina), Hannes and Anna: We are slowly fighting against the wind on a stretch of unpaved road towards San Martin, when we notice that a Toyota Bus is crawling behind us to protect us from dust and spitted stones. Hannes (Germany) and Anna (Switzerland) are riding their Hi Ace all around South America since almost a year. Anna is highly pregnant and their plan is to having the baby stress-free during the trip in Cordoba (Argentina). While we are still riding to San Martin (and into bad weather), Hannes and Anna are looking for some nice accommodation for us – many thanks again for that! We go for dinner together and meet again on the 24th of December to celebrate Philipp’s birthday with a piece of cake :-) http://www.elviajedespocky.de/





20.12.2010, in the middle of nowhere between Las Lajas and Zampala (Argentina), Andreas and Christian: We are pushing across the hilly "pampa" towards Zampala, as two funny looking guys on small motorcycles are passing us. Andreas and Christian from Germany have started their trip with bicycles in Ushuaia. But soon they stopped cycling due to knee problems and instead they buy small Honda motorcycles. They are on their way to Canada and Alaska. We are chatting a long time beside the road, then they are zooming north and we continue wheeling south...




29.10.2010, 40 kilometres before La Paz (Bolivien), André and Mireille: We are rolling towards La Paz, as a campervan is overtaking us and stops shortly after. The two retired André and Mireille are already on the road since two years – from Alaska criss-cross Canada, the US, Central America and now South America until Ushuaia. They invite us for coffee and tea and we chat with hands and feet and a mix of English and Spanish. www.midemobile.canalblog.com

19.10.2010, shortly after the turnoff from the Peruvian coast into the highland (Peru), Guillermo: We are turning from the Peruvian coast into the highland and just have climbed up a thousand meters of altitude to reach a rolling-hilly desert. Suddenly someone is walking along the roadside in white clothes, a big banner on the back, a flag in his hand and a hubcap as a helmet on his head, on which an antenna is fixed, saying "PAZ" (peace). It is the Colombian Guillermo, who is already three and a half years on the road, walking through South America – the first long-distance-walker that we meet! From Colombia he was walking to Buenos Aires and now he is on his way back home. In eight months Guillermo wants to be back with his family in Colombia. His mission is to propagate christian peace. He presents us with small slips of paper with verses from the bible and we give him water, cookies and apples. It was an experience to meet him!




12.10.2010, at the mummies-graveyard of Chauchilla (Peru), Andrea and Edgar: We meet the two germans, who are already on the road in South America with their bus since a year, at the mummies-graveyard of Chauchilla, and get invited in their vehicle for coffee and tea. They started in Buenos Aires and drove around Argentina, Ecuador and Peru. Now they are on their way to Chile and back to Buenos Aires.


08.10.2010, just a day out of Lima (Peru), Didier: A Landcruiser is overtaking us and stops shortly after. It is the funny French Didier, who so far was travelling with his family. After his wife and child have left for Europe, he is travelling alone for a while – at the moment to Chile... www.lessautsdepucedunefamillesarthoise.blogspot.com


24/25.05.2010, on the dirt road on the way up into the Cordillera Blanca (Peru), Renate and Peter: We are just about to start a stretch of dirt road up into the Cordillera Blanca, as we meet two motor cyclists that evening. It is Renate and Peter from Austria, who are touring around South America for one year. They are the first self-driving Austrians we have met on our whole journey so far! Spontanuously we decide to camp together. Luckily we find a spot, although we are in a narrow gorge. There is some reed, where we can hide our tents and even find a “garage” for the motor bikes. We sit and chat about travelling until late. In the next morning they drive on towards the north and we continue our slow bumpy ride on the dirt road up into the mountains... www.carpediem-p-r.com



12.11.2009, San Vicente (Mexico), Paul: It is just getting evening when we reach the dusty village of San Vicente. All of a sudden a car stops beside us. The American Paul is travelling since months in Mexico and still is in the border area. His plan is to go south – how fast, where to, how long and when - only the stars know. Paul is floating along and enjoys Mexico. He absolutely wants to cook for us and prepares a fantastic meal on his camp-stove just for us!




12.06.2008, Liard Hot Springs, Yukon - Canada. Glenn: Numerous bikers and RVs are passing us every day, but we do not get to talk to many of them. At the Provincial Park Campgraound at the Liard Hot Springs we are invited by Glenn to his campsite and spend a rainy evening together. He is travelling by motorbike from Washington State up to Alaska, where he will fish salmon all summer long...




28.06.2008 (El Questro Gorge on the Gibb River Road) and 16. and 18.07.2008 (Broome). Western Australia. Heike and Lotti: We meet Heike and Lotti for the first time, when we are on our way back to our bicycles from hiking in El Questro Gorge on the Gibb River Road (a 800 kilometre long dirt-road in Australia’s northwest – see also news and reports, Australia III). The humorous german couple is driving around Australia in their VW-Bus (built 1976) since 6 months. The year before they were travelling the US and Canada. We meet up again in Broome, where we all take a break...

01.02.2008, along the south-coast of West Australia. Cocky and Peter: We are fighting heavy headwinds, as a camper-bus stops and two people with smiling faces are waving with water bottles. Cocky and Peter from Holland are on the road for five months in Western Australia and fill us up with coke, cookies and strawberries :-)

10.12.2007, somewhere between Mariental and Keetmanshoop, Namibia. Wynand, Cobus, Marcel und Frikkie: We are biking on a long dry stretch in the middle of nothing in southern Namibia, as we meet four chinese-brand 125 ccm motorcycles. The South Africans are riding to support a childrens fond. Their route: South Africa, Zambia, Botswana, South Africa. http://www.dieafrikaroadtrip.blogspot.com/



18.11.2007 - 21.11.2007, from Katima Mulilo until Popa Falls (Okawango), Namibia. Tom and Angela: We met Tom a couple of months ago together with Michael in northern Sudan, when they were riding their motorbikes from Windhoek to Germany (see other vehicles from 04/05.05.2007). We stayed in contact and meet him and his wife Angela again in Namibia, where they are touring around with their Hi Luxe. We travel "together" for some days on the Caprivi stripe westwards (Thanks for the cold drinks on the way!!), every evening enjoying another beautiful spot for camping and chilling out...


04.11.2007 and 13., 15., 16.11.2007, Chipata and Livingstone, Zambia. Stefan and Barbara: At our first Campsite in Zambia we met Stefan and Barbara for the first time. Nine days later they drive past us on the road to Livingstone, where we met them again and spent two nice afternoons/evenings together. They have cancelled everything back in Germany and travel around southern Africa in their Land Cruiser. www.expedition-africa.com, www.fischer-stefan.com



30.10.2007, at Lake Malawi, Malawi. Mohammed Ibrahim: We are standing on the road - together with Bruno (who we are travelling with for a whole month - see bikers we met) and the swedish couple Aili and Bobbie (who we just met coming northwards - see bikers we met) and exchange tips and tricks on the way north and south. Suddenly a huge BMW motorcycle is passing us, slowing down, turning around and stopping by us. The South African Mohammed was riding north on the West Coast and is now riding south on the East Coast of Africa – all in just three months! It is a fast ride - he wants to reach Johannesburg in three days...

07.10.2007, along the Usambara-mountains, Tanzania. Mark: We are just biking in almost unbearable heat along the beautiful Usambara-mountains against permanent headwind, as all of a sudden a 24 year old BMW-cycle is coming towards us. Mark is a funny Brit and since August on his way from Cape to England...

04.09.2007, Moyale, Ethiopia. Judith and Christof: Same Hotel. We just wanted to leave for the bodercrossing, as we ran into Christof und Judith. They are crisscrossing Africa with their Landy... www.dont-panic-in-africa.de

03.09.2007, Moyale, Ethiopia Andrew: Just as we are checking in at our last hotel in Ethiopia a motorcycle is coming around the corner. Andrew is on his way from Durban in South Africa to London - which we know is in England... www.durban2london.co.za

11.06.2007, 60 kilometers before Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Hugo: After 21 months around the globe he is on his way back home to Germany. Hugo is in a hurry, catching up with Robert and Frauke. They want to cross Sudan together...

09.06.2007, in the Nile gorge, Ethiopia. Robert and Frauke: In the dust of the Nile gorge road we meet two motorcyclists. Robert and Frauke from Germany are on their way back to Europe after cruising the world... www.mundito.info

04. and 05.05.2007, on our way from Wadi Halfa to Dongola, Sudan. Tom and Michael: Since ages somebody coming the other way :-) The two Germans are on their way home from Namibia. We are camping together and take a swim in the Nile. The next day they are heading north and we continue southwards...

24.02.2007, on the road to Osmanie, Turkey. Takayuki and Nevran: After almost 8000 kilometers across Europe and Turkey our first motorised friends on the road! Takayuki from Japan, travelling the world since 3 years, and his turkish friend Nevran. http://www.geocities.jp/seagull04jp/index_en.html