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From 2016: Please see all recent pictures and info on our -site. The page is public and there is no need to register on facebook to check it out. See you there!

All show-dates are still on our website.



03.12.2015 Graz (Austria): The autumn shows were going well and we had good audience. Until mid of January we have a Christmas break. And springtime is again showtime :-)






18.09.2015, Graz (Austria): Our summer is a mix of working on the second edition of our book, exploring the Austrian forests and Philipps voyages to the Arctic. Shows start again in November ...




17.02.2015, Graz (Austria): We had a good start into our spring-season, and are almost at the final again. For more shows to go before summer starts. Check all dates here and on our -site.



11.12.2014, Graz (Austria): After a good autumn show-season, we are having a break over Christmas now. Thanx to all for coming to the show and being on a ride with us! We'll be touring again from the end January on. Please see all dates here.





24.09.2014,Graz (Austria): We will be "back on stage" in October! Starting on the 11th at the "Adventure Days" at 16:30 in the "Oval at Europark". You find all other tour-dates here and always on our -site.



06.07.2014, Graz (Austria): Summer break! With Nathalie on her first "long distance" trips :)





16.05.2014, Graz (Austria): Our spring-season was a great sucess - see all past and upcoming events here (German page)! In the Kammersaal Graz even daughter Nathalie (one month old at that time) was on stage with us! Thanks to all audience for a great time! Please check all news on our -site and see the to our show.


Graz on the 09th of March 2014, all family on stage :-)





10.01.2014, Graz (Austria): The show-dates for spring 2014 are all set, óur new flyers are already waiting to be distributed and our book is displayed in the bookshops windows :)



26.11.2013, Graz (Austria): We have started touring with our public shows. After well filled theatres in Judenburg, Kapfenberg, Leoben and Frohnleiten, we were performing in Graz yesterday, in front of an audience of about 700 (!).

It is great to tell our stories, to inspire other people and to pass on the travel-bug. There are a couple of more shows before Christmas. After this the next will be in the end of February...








pictures by Niko Baumhakel


04.11.2013, Graz (Austria): Our book "2-Rad-Abenteuer" is finally available in the book stores - only in German so far. We are getting busier every day with advertising and preparing for our shows that will start soon. Please visit us on  for all news.





02.10.2013, Graz (Austria): After uncountable hours of work, our book "2-Rad-Abenteuer" is in print. By November it will be available in the book stores - in German only so far. Until November our publisher has a special offer to pre-order the book for a cheaper price (17,50 Euros instead of 21,50). Just send an Email to to purchase it.


16.09.2013, Longyearbyen (Spitsbergen): Another time the Arctic is calling - lots of time in the polar pack and around northern Svalbard. A brilliant trip with amazing wildlife...




23.08.2013, Graz (Austria): Back in Graz our book is taking more and more shape. Our publisher is working on the layout and we will soon be reading through it for the last time, before it will be sent for printing. The days are warm and sunny, and we are taking part at the City-Cycling event in Graz, where about 500 bicyclists are cruising the large streets of town...





12.08.2013, Longyearbyen (Spitsbergen): It is time for another two German-speaking trips around Spitsbergen. The weather is fine and the wildlife outstanding. Remote fjords in the northern parts of Nordaustland and the far-off island Kvitøya are part of the voyages. Polar fox, walrus and especially polar bear observations are a big part of two fabulous trips – and time flies.















17.07.2013, Graz (Österreich): Back in Graz there is lots of work to do. The pictures for our book have to be polished up and placed into the text. Although the weather is great we are sitting a lot in front of our computers and finalize the project. Besides this Valeska is organizing more and more locations for our multimedia-shows, starting this autumn. Some are already diarized – check the German page for this: Vorträge. Weltweitwandern is becoming partner for our shows in 2013.






24.06.2013, Longyearbyen (Spitsbergen): It is summer and time to go to the Arctic. The first trip on board the MV Ortelius is going from Holland via Scotland and the Shetlands to Jan Mayen. The small volcanic island in the middle of the North Atlantic is covered in thick fog and has a mystic touch. We check out the Norwegian station and hike across the island. Further north we hit the polar pack and for two days we push through thick ice towards Spitsbergen. Philipp is taking over the ship as Expedition Leader for the following North-Spitsbergen voyage. Again we "play" with lots of magnificent and heavy pack-ice and the extremely high ice-class ship MV Ortelius is showing us what she is made for. On land we find the first flowers, reindeer are running across the tundra and walrus are curiously swimming towards us. After two exciting trips it is time to go back to Austria for a month of break, where we want to finalize our book-project.























30.05.2013, Graz (Austria): We spend long days behind the desk, working on our book – it will be a summary of short stories – that should be published in autumn (in German).

We plan to start touring with our multimedia-show in autumn as well and are organizing that too. However, we just did two short presentations at the opening of the children and cultural centre "Villa Hafner" in Maria Lankowitz and got some good feedback.

If the weather is nice, we try to be out in the Alps as much as possible, enjoying the last ski- and the first hiking- and mountainbiking-trips.













27.03.2013, Graz (Austria): We are working hard on our book and get the first public shows, with wich we will start in autumn, organised. Some dates are already fixed. Please check them here on the German page, since they are all in German. We visit halls for our shows and meet with sponsors and organisers. But whenever we find the time, we are outside, enjoying the Austrian winter - somehow we didnt have enough winter on our worldtrip ;-)








18.02.2013, Graz (Austria): After two long trips to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and Antarctica we are back in snow-covered Austria. Besides enjoying the winter and the snow, we get back to our book-project. We drink litres of hot tea and recall parts of our world-bicycle-tour while writing...





07.02.2013, Ushuaia (Argentina): At New Year’s Eve we fly to Patagonia and land in Ushuaia. For the next couple of weeks we are on board the MV Plancius, an expedition vessel, where we work as guides and lecturers. On two extended voyages we visit the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and Antarctica. The ocean is rough, as it should be in these latitudes. Strong winds and big swells make Zodiac-operations on the gangway and on the beach exciting. Nevertheless we manage to get our guests almost on every planned landing ashore. Huge colonies of king penguins, gentoo penguins, fur seals and elephant seals are awaiting us. The numbers of animals is, especially in South Georgia, amazing. Albatrosses glide through the air and enormous tabular icebergs are drifting from the Weddel sea northwards. After five weeks on the rocking ship, we are leaving the vessel again in Ushuaia...



























14.11.2012, Graz (Austria): The "Dom im Berg" is filled with an audiance of 400 and completely sold out. For the first time we are presenting a public talk about our worldtour at the 24th International Mountain- and Adventure Film Festival. After two movies we are starting our 50 minutes long show, including pictures, stories and readings, at 10:00 p.m. The audiance is stoked and so are we :-) We are happy to talk about our adventures. However, we will start a tour with a full-show next autumn. Then our book should also be published...





09.11.2012, Graz (Austria): We are busy preparing our 50-minute show for the 24th International Mountain- and Adventure Film Festival on the 14th of November. The festival will be from the 13th until the 17th of November this year in different theatres in Graz. Our contribution is one of the three live-acts of this year’s festival.


"schau dy radeln" can be seen on the 14th of November at 20:00 in the "Dom im Berg". You can find the full program on www.mountainfilm.com


Tickets are available at www.oeticket.com and at Zentralkartenbüro (Herrengasse 7, Graz).



08.10.2012, Graz (Austria): Back in Graz – it is a strange feeling to stay and not getting on the bicycles and being on the road. But there are plenty of things that we can do and enjoy doing here. We start "working on" our journey – sorting pictures, writing stories, and so on. We finally "arrive" and it is very nice to meet old friends, going running and mountain biking. In the city cycling is the only way of transportation for us and in order to promote cycling we join the "Critical Mass" (www.criticalmass.at). About 120 cyclists participate on the 28th of September – the ride goes from the inner city to Seiersberg (another part of the city) – on main roads of course. In Seiersberg a "ghost bike" is put up in memoriam of a cyclist that was killed in summer on that crossing.









22.09.2012, Stockholm (Sweden): After this intense time of taking turns as expedition leader and assistant on the MV Sea Spirit, we go for a little holiday. We stay a few days longer in Spitsbergen with friends, then we visit a friend in Tromsø and finally we enjoy a couple of days in Björkliden, in Swedish Lapland. Birgitta is hosting us there in her cozy hut and we have fun sitting by the fireplace together and chatting about life and marshmallows… Besides being lazy we do go on some hikes, before we have to leave again, flying further south to Stockholm. There we spend two days with Monica and Eduard, who have followed us on our bike journey from the beginning – via our website. They liked our project so much, that they decided to invite us over. Well, here we were and gave our first "home show and talk" about our bicycle tour...















09.09.2012, Longyearbyen (Spitzbergen): We are leading two East Greenland expeditions, the first one from Svalbard to Greenland ending in Iceland, the second one from Iceland via East Greenland to Svalbard. Some sea days, while we are doing ocean crossings between Svalbard, Greenland and Iceland, are pretty rough. On the other hand the waters in the fjords of Greenland are very calm. The landscapes are just stunning and we are – once again - impressed by the size of the icebergs, the huge mountains, the colorful Geology and the silence.























15.08.2012, Longyearbyen (Spitzbergen): In the middle of July we fly to the Arctic for work – like every year. On the MV Sea Spirit we will be leading expeditions until the middle of September. We guide up to 100 passengers around and on Svalbard. Hiking, glacier cruising, bird watching and soaking in the arctic atmosphere - is on the program. Polar bears, reindeer, sea birds, arctic foxes, seals and unusually many whales can be observed on our tours. The polar pack ice is scarily little this year and far up north while temperatures seem very mild for the latitudes we are in. After four journeys around Spitsbergen, we head west and sail towards North East Greenland.

























27.06.2012, Graz (Austria): We are back in Graz – and what now? We get organized in a small apartment and meet friends and family. It is warm and sunny, followed by thunderstorms and cool air. We look out our window, enjoying being indoors and just out for a run or a spin when the rain stops. We give interviews to newspapers and magazines, have meetings on topics like alternate city traffic, how to learn travelling and our world tour. We use the time in Graz to get prepared for our jobs as expedition leaders on small vessels in Spitzbergen an East Greenland, where we will spend the summer again – we are not really "back home" yet. If the weather is fine, we are out in the Austrian Alps – to run and cycle in the Grazer Bergland and with friends a couple of times in the National park Gesäuse, one of the nicest areas in the eastern Alps...

Our bicycles are still a important part of our lives and in the city we are exclusively riding on two wheels. To call attention to the importance of unmotorized traffic in the city, we will join the "Critical Mass Graz". Meeting place is Südtiroler Platz at 04:30 pm.