--- Cyclists we met II ---

May 2009 - April 2011

(North America, Central America, South America)



14.02.2001, between Rio Grande and Tolhuin (Argentina), Juan: Juan from Spain is at the very beginning of his trip around the world and has just spent his first days in the bike saddle – against heavy winds. The first stretch will be Ushuaia to Alaska.


12.02.2011, before San Sebastian (Chile), Ian: We meet Ian from England on our last stretch of dirt-road in South America. He did Alaska – Ushuaia and is on his way to Buenos Aires, from where he flies back to Europe soon.


12.02.2011, before San Sebastian (Chile), Martin and Michael: The two Germans Martin and Michael are  riding from Ushuaia to Santiago. www.moder-on-tour.com


11. to 14.02.2011, Porvenir (Chile) to Rio Grande (Argentina), Mike: We run into Mike from England several times between Porvenir and Rio Grande. He is on his way from Columbia to Ushuaia. At the Argentinean border station San Sebastian we camp together and ride the next day to Rio Grande. He is a funny guy and we enjoy his company for those days.



11.02.2011, between Porvenir and San Sebastian (Chile), Joel, Jahn and Alexander: We had already met Joel (France)  on the 16th of November 2010 in Bolivia. In the meantime he cycled in Chile and now goes north from Ushuaia towards Buenos Aires.

Jahn and Alexander (both from Germany) have just started their trips. Jahn aims for Columbia and Alexander wants to reach Venezuela.

The three of them have met just recently and enjoy rolling north together.


05.02.2011, at the gas station in Kon Aiken (Argentina), Nedo: Nedo from Switzerland has started in Ushuaia and takes a bike ride north. We meet him at the junction at Kon Aiken, where we are having a break together before we all start pushing the pedals again...



03.02.2011, on a dirt road before Kon Aiken (Argentina), Nino: Nino has cycled from Germany to China and is now on his way from Ushuaia north. We talk a long time on the side of the road, then we continue riding south and Nino north...


03.02.2011, before El Cerrito (Argentina), Frederike and Jeronimo: The two French pedal from Ushuaia towards Columbia.


26. and 01.02.2011, on the hiking trail crossing the "green border" between Chile and Argentina and in El Chalten (Argentina), Coralie: Coralie starts talking to us on the tourist ship on Lago O’Higgins. We start our "bike-hike" across the border from Chile to Argentina together. We pull, push, tear, drag and heave our bikes over the pass on a bad hiking trail through the forest. Still we have lots of fun and camp that evening together close to Lago del Desierto. Later on we meet again in El Chalten. Coralie is mainly cycling alone – from Columbia to Ushuaia.






23. to 26.01.2011 and 06.02.2011, during the last days before Villa O’Higgins, Carretera Austral (Chile) and in Cerro Castillo (Argentina), Pauline und Hugh: The retired British couple Hugh and Pauline cycle through Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina until Ushuaia. They just go home in order to visit their kids and grandkids and planning more bicycle touring. We meet them several times, cycle together sometimes, share cookies next to the road and camp together. They are one of the few, who have the same ideology as us regarding long distance cycle touring – wind, weather, mountains, big cities, no matter what comes up, we would never take the bus!




20.01.1011, after El Maiten, Carretera Austral (Chile), Nils: Nils from Germany started in Ushuaia and wants to go to Alaska. We stand in the sun chatting for a long time :-)


18. and 19.01.2011, between Cerro Castillo and Rio Tranquillo, Carretera Austral (Chile), Prado and Guillaume: The Spanish-French couple is on its way through Chile and Argentina. We spend two evenings together chatting about spokes and panniers...


11.01.2011, before Villa Amengual, Carretera Austral (Chile), Amaia and Erik: Amaia (USA) and Erik (France) are on the road since 2006. And since then we have been exchanging emails. We were at the same time in Africa, California and Columbia, but have never met. In South America they went along the East side of the continent southwards and are now on the way north through the Andes. We knew we might meet them here and suddenly they came cycling towards us. We chat on the road and are very happy to finally getting to know them in person.



From 07.01. to 14.01.2011, Carretera Austral, northern part (Chile), Hannes, Yoko and Hiro: After crossing the border in Futaleufu to Chile, we meet the recumbent cyclist Hannes (Germany), who is pedalling through Argentina and Chile. Shortly after, close to the village Santa Lucia, we get to know the Japanese couple Yoko and Hiro. We all get along very well and travel together during the next days until Coyhaique. Everybody goes his own speed, but we usually meet up for lunch and definitely for camping and sitting by the fire in the evening. We are a superb team :-)

Yoko und Hiro: www.yokoandhiro.com





Several times from 07.01. til 17.02.2011, Carretera Austral (Chile) to Ushuaia (Argentina), Rogar: We have met Rogar (Spain) several times on the Carretera Austral, on the way through the Pampa and in Ushuaia. He is cycling for five month through Argentina and Chile.


29.12.2010, at the campsite close to Epuyen (Argentina), Carlos and Sebastian: The small campground close to Epuyen, 5 kilometres off the main track, is only the second campsite we take, since we entered Argentina (17.11.2010). It is just by chance that we are here tonight. Shortly after we finish putting up our tent, two other cyclists enter. One of them is Carlos, the Columbian, who we got to know in Medellin (see other cyclists post from 04.04.2010). At that time Carlos was just about to start his voyage all around South America. Now he already has ridden 12,000 kilometres. It is great to see him again after such a long time! He is also on his way to Ushuaia, but takes another route the following morning... www.pedaleandoalma.org




At the moment Carlos is riding together with the French cyclist Sebastian (right). Sebastian started just lately in the middle of Argentina and is on the road with an open end – to wherever it will drag him...




27. and 28.12.2010, from Villa La Angostura to Rio Villegas (Argentina), Brandon and Elise: The young US American couple Brandon and Elise is crossing our tracks in Villa La Angostura. They are travelling (sometimes with busses) in Peru, Chile and Argentina. Soon we decide to ride a bit together. At night we camp behind bushes beside the road and have a nice, enjoyable evening. As we are doing the same speed of cycling we continue riding together the next day. In the evening we part, because Brandon and Elise prefer to camp in the small village of Rio Villegas and we pitch our tent a bit further up the road behind bushes...






27.12.2010, on the dirt road stretch of "Ruta 40" before Villa La Angostura (Argentina), Pauline: We are swallowing lots of dust on the 50 kilometres of unpaved road before Villa La Angostura, where we meet Pauline from Scotland. She is riding from Buenos Aires to Chile and back across the Andes to Bolivia. We chitchat for a long time beside the road before we all start riding again...




04.12.2010, at the park entrance to Talampaya National Park (Argentina), Jocelyn: We have already heard about the Canadian who is some kilometres ahead of us the day before. Today we meet him at the park entrance to Talampaya National Park, where we are bunkering water and he is waiting for a tour into the park to start. We are chitchatting for an hour in the shade and keep on going into the heat. Jocelyn has all his mountain gear with him and is on his way south – to climb some peaks.


02.12.2010, on the way to Chilesito (Argentina), Sven: Together with Ivana & Harry we are fighting against permanent headwinds, as we met Sven from Germany. He had worked in Brasil and is cycling towards Columbia :-) www.coxinha.shutterfly.com


30.11.2010, in the hills between Santa Maria and Belén (Argentina), Michael and Irene: We have just left a sandy stretch of dirt road (together with Ivana & Harry) and are rolling on smooth asphalt, when the Swiss couple Michael and Irene are crossing our way. The two friendly cyclists are talkative and hope that their kids will also get the taste of long distance cycling – once they show them our website :-) They are riding from Buenos Aires to Santiago and via northern Argentina to Bolivia...


28.11.2010, only a few kilometres past Cafayate (Argentina), Gunnar: Shortly after we have left Cafayate (we are riding together with Ivana & Harry), we meet Gunnar from Sweden. He is riding north from Buenos Aires towards Chile.


18.11.2010, Abra Pampa (Argentina), Hilde: We are just having a break in Abra Pampa, when Hilde from Norway is rolling around the corner. It is her first day on the road – starting from La Quiaca she is cycling to Buenos Aires. We sleep in the same village in different hospedajes and never see her again...



18.11.2010, 40 km after the Bolivian/Argentinean border (Argentina), Sebastian: We meet the German Sebastian on our first day in Argentina and he is enthused to tell us everything good about the country we just started riding in. He is a funny and talkative guy and we are having a long chinwag beside the road. Sebastian started wheeling in Buenos Aires and on his way to Lima or Quito – depending how fast he is...



17.11.2010, Arenal (Bolivia), Marine and Vianney: On our way to the Bolivian/Argentinean border we are stopping in the village of Arenal to have a short break. Here we meet the French couple Marine and Vianney, who – coming from the other direction – had the same idea. We exchange our experiences and continue cycling... http://lestandemondistes.over-blog.com



16.11.2010, on the dirt road from Uyuni to Tupiza (Bolivia), Joel: We just said good bye to Sok Lim and gained speed on the downhill, as two turns further down we "crash" into Joel from France. He is a funny fellow and with his huge trailer (unfortunate no fridge with ice cream) unique on the jolt track from Uyuni to Tupiza. He is riding a huge circle from Buenos Aires to Bolivia and via Chile and Ushuaia back to his starting point.



16.11.2010, on the dirt road from Uyuni to Tupiza (Bolivia), Sok Lim: We are just bolting – helter skelter – with more than 50 km/h downhill on the track from Uyuni to Tupiza (together with Ivana, Harry, Alicia und Alvaro) when we meet the young South Korean Sam Lim who is crawling uphill. The dirt road is not easy – long, slow and almost no water. He is travelling with a general map of all South America and is carrying one litre of water. We equip him with our notes from the last days and give him water and bread. Sok Lim was riding from Sao Paolo to Argentina and is on his way to Peru via the Salar de Uyuni.



15.11.2010, on the dirtroad from Uyuni to Tupiza (Bolivia), Isa and Phil: We scuttle together with Ivana & Harry and Alicia & Alvaro along the slow track from Uyuni to Tupiza, as we ride into Isa and Phil from Scotland on an uphill. They are riding north from Buenos Aires...



10.11.2010 – 16.11.2010, from Uyuni to Tupiza (Bolivia), Ivana & Harry and Alicia & Alvaro:

23.11.2010 - 27.11.2010, from Salta to Cafayate (Argentina), Ivana & Harry and Alicia & Alvaro:

28.11.2010 - 09.12.2010, from Cafayate to San Juan (Argentina), Ivana & Harry:

The first time we have heard from Ivana (Argentina) and Harry (Dutch) was in Alaska, then we have been in Email contact a couple of times. After we have crossed the Salar de Uyuni and helter-skelter into Uyuni City, we all of a sudden meet them in our hotel. They are on the road from Alaska to Ushuaia since two years and currently ride together with the Spanish couple Alicia and Alvaro.




Alicia and Alvaro are jumping around the globe with a "ticket around the world" and cycle on different continents. After Alaska and Canada they are now on their way from Lima to Santiago. Afterwards they want to visit Asia.




We decide to ride together and fight our way in the next days on the partly awfully slow dirt road from Uyuni to Tupiza. Beautiful camp spots, camp fires,... and it is refreshing to ride together with  others...

We part in Tupiza for the next days, but we meet again in Salta (Argentina). Ride all together to Cafayate. Then Alicia & Alvaro take a rest day. We ride on with Ivana & Harry to San Jose, where Alicia and Alvaro catch up with us a day later.

Ivana and Harry: http://worldonabike.com/ and http://elmundoenbici.com/

Alicia and Alvaro: http://www.rodadas.net/




06.11.2010, shortly after Quillacas (Bolivia), the Czech whose name we forgot: We are jolting our first day along the dirt track towards the Salar de Uyuni, when we meet the talkative Czech guy. He started in Chile and is riding across South America. We have completely forgotten to ask for his name...




29.10.2010, 39 kilometres before La Paz (Bolivia), Florian: Only a few minutes after we had said good bye to André and Mireille (see other vehicles), we meet another cyclist. The Swiss Florian started in Buenos Aires and is on the way to Quito. We exchange stories and tips and could have chatted on for hours, but we have to cycle further before it gets dark...




26. and 27.10.2010, in Juli and shortly after Juli (Peru), Xavier and Camille: By accident we meet the French couple Xavier and Camille in the small village of Juli. But they prefer to head on a couple of kilometres, than spending the night together with us in Juni. We catch them up the next day and drink some tea together, ride on and never see them again... They are already two months on the move from Lima south and want to spend eight months on the road in total.




20.10.2010, 40 kilometres before Arequipa (Peru), Robert: Continuously the road is climbing higher, as 40 kilometres before Arequipa a cyclist is coming from the other direction. Robert from northern Italy (Südtirol) cycled from Lima to Cuzco, was at lake Titicaca and is now on his way back to Lima. He is a friendly and funny guy, but we have little time to chat, since we all want to reach our today’s targets. www.magictrails.blogspot.com


21. and 22.05.2010, 01. and 02.06.2010, Trujillo and Cordillera Blanca (Peru), (again) Ed: Ed was just some days ahead. On the stretch around Paján he got mugged on the Panamericana by three "amigos" (see News and Reports, S-America). We meet him again in Trujillo, where he is trying for weeks to get new documents, creditcard,... Then we are ahead, but since we do some hiking in the Cordillera Blance, Ed is catching up and we are riding together for a day through an amazing landscape, until we go different directions again... www.edwardherbert.blogspot.com




27.04.2010 and 02. to 07.05.2010, in Quito and on the way to Cuenca (Ecuador), Ed: We have met the funny British a couple of months ago for the first time on the Baja California (see post from 02.12.2009) and did not loose track of each other. We are at the same time in Quito and exchange experiances and stories of the last months. Ed is leaving a day earlier from Ecuador´s capital city. A few days later we catch up and ride together for two days across numerous ecuadorian hills, through fog and rain until Cuenca. Here our paths seperate again. Ed stays in the hills and we are riding down to the coast...



20. and 21.04.2010, from Ibarra to Quito (Ecuador), Juan: Juan from Venezuela is crossing our path on our second day in Ecuador. He wants to wheel around South America and started two month ago. For two days we are riding numerous hills and great downhills together and cross the equator. Before coming into Quito we part again, because we ride different ways to get to our Quito-hosts... www.enbiciporsuramerica.blogspot.com



14.04.2010, Popayan (Colombia), Tim: We meet Tim in our hostel in Popayan. The US-American started two years ago and cycled through Central America. He worked for a long time in Medellin (Colombia) and just started some days ago to his second lap. He is on his way to Bolivia.


04.04.2010, Medellin (Colombia), Carlos: Via our friend Alejo we learn to know the funny Colombian cyclist Carlos. In two weeks he will start a two year trip around South America. www.pedaleandoalma.org


23.03.2010 - 25.03.2010, Cartagena (Colombia), Wai Ling, Andrew and Andy. On 24.03.2010, Olivia and Bhinti: We have already heard from the Kiwi-triple Andrew, Andy and Wai Ling (foreground  on the left and middle in the back) being ahead of us. As we check into our hotel in Cartagena we see three bicycles parked in the yard. We spend nice afternoons and evenings with the three and talk about god, the world and flat tires. Wai Ling, Andrew and Andy started in New York and are on their way to Brazil...

Wai Ling and Andrew: www.libertytoredemption.wordpress.com

Andy Rowan: www.andysballbustingadventure.blogspot.com

There are even more cyclists in town and on the 24th of March we are having cyclist’s dinner in a nice Pizzeria. Olivia from Germany and Bhinti from the US (background on the left) started in California and are already on the road for 15 months. Slowly, slowly they want to make it down to Argentina... www.crazyonbikes.com




12.03.2010 – 15.03.2010, at the border from Costa Rica to Pamana and in Panama (Costa Rica and Panama), Stefan and Gareth: We met Stefan from Switzerland (right) nine months ago in Canada for the first time (see cyclists we met post from 17th of June 2009) and knew that it is just a matter of time when we will ride into each other in Costa Rica or Panama. We meet again exactly on the border between the two countries. Since a few days Stefan is riding together with Gareth from Great Britain. Gareth was backpacking in South America, but that became too boring for him, so he bought a bicycle and is riding criss-cross around Central America. Now he is on his way to Colombia to meet up with his girlfriend. Stefan is almost on the end of his trip. He is on his way to Panama City, where he wants to catch a boat to Colombia, from where he is flying back to Europe. We are riding more or less together with the two boys for some days and stay at a friendly Couchsurfing place and at the Catholic Mission in Tolé. Gareth’s bicycle is having more and more problems and we split again...




01.03.2010, before getting to Managua (Nicaragua), Kim: Headwinds are turning our relatively short ride to Managua into a long torture, as a female solo-cyclist is "flying towards us". Kim from Scotland has started her trip together with a group in Panama and is riding solo since Granada. She is travelling from one social project to the other, is working on her way and wants to bicycle all over Central America. We chat for a long time beside the road, tell her our experiences in the countries ahead of her and advise her definitely not to bush-camp in Honduras and El Salvador – which was her actual idea... www.justgiving.com/kimcycles



23.02.2010, along the beautiful coastal road in El Salvador (El Salvador), Mayeul: We are sweating like crazy while pushing up the hills of the lonesome coastal road in El Salvador, when the Frenchman Mayeul is coming from the other direction. He is a funny character and we enjoy exchanging experiences in Central America. As we stand and chat, he notices that one of his tires is flat and starts fixing it. It is easy to see: Mayeul is definitely not a mechanic – we have never seen someone fixing a flat in such a complicated way. It takes forever, but anyhow it gives us much time to talk J Mayeul has started his trip in Patagonia on a motorcycle, paddled with a raft in Columbia and is bicycling in Central America... www.carnets2cousins.canalblog.com



22.02.2010, at the border from Guatemala to El Salvador (Guatemala), “the crazy” without a name: In the border-village of Guatemala we roll into another cyclist. He is a strange experience. His bike has a flat and he is trying to find a new tire, whilst he is selling self-made earrings to female fruit-vendors and is trying to sell us Marihuana after the first "hello", because he is running out of money. We deny, so he is loosing interest in us immediately and continues pushing his old bicycle through the village. The "man without a name" comes from Costa Rica and is travelling around Central America since two years – riding or pushing, who knows...




11.02.2010, on the road close to Tecpán (Guatemala), Björn: Björn from Germany is coming north when we ride towards Antigua. He is wheeling Yucatan, Belize and Guatemala for a couple of months.




02. and 03.02.2010, San Cristóbal de las Casas (Mexico), Paul: The first time we met the American Paul when we were camping together in a State Park in Oregon, USA. Now, months later, we meet again in San Cristóbal de las Casas in Mexico. As us, he was cycling along the west coast of the States, but then stayed on the coast in Mexico. Now he is on his way first to Yucatan and then turns south again towards Patagonia... www.panamericantour.net




16. and 17.01.2010, Puebla (Mexico), Doro and Sven: We were in contact with the Germans Doro and Sven (left and right) via Email already since a while and had the plan to meet up in Puebla. Great that it really worked out, since they are actually coming the other way, and we meet cyclists going north usually only for a quick chinwag beside the road. Doro and Sven are already on the road since a year and are heading from Patagonia to Alaska. In the hours we spend together with these happy cyclists we exchange lots of information, warnings and recommendations. www.auf-radreise.de




02.12.2009, La Paz (Mexico), Ed: We meet Ed at the Marina of La Paz. He is also trying to get a lift across the Gulf of California with a private Yacht. The British started in Vancouver and is riding down to Argentina. Together we are wheeling to the harbour where the Ferry is leaving. Ed is trying two more days to catch a ride...




27.11.2009, shortly after Ciudad Constitución (Mexico), Dave: We were not long on the road today, as we are again running into a “north-rider”. Dave the Brit started in Argentina and is wheeling to Florida. We chat, joke and laugh for more than an hour, and one more time we feel sorry that we often learn to know the nice people just by passing each other... www.crazyguyonabike.com/daveholmes




26.11.2009, only a few kilometres before Ciudad Insurgentes (Mexico), Tom: We leave the mountains of the southern Baja California behind us and are just rolling down a never ending hill, as we bump into the Canadian Tom. He started in February in southern Argentina and is on his way home (Vancouver). We are having a long chinwag beside the road and exchange tips for our journeys. It is a pity that we often meet cheerful people like Tom just by passing each other... http://blog.mosphere.ca/TomAndSJ/




19.10.2009, between fields of artichokes along the Pacific-coast of the USA (California - USA), Seth and Parker: We heard from those two tall US-American guys before and finally we met them. Seth and Parker are riding from Alaska to South America. Most likely we will see them again on the way south... www.pebblepedalers.com




02.10.2009 until 07.10.2009, on the Pacific-coast of the USA, north of San Francisco (California - USA), Simone and Uwe: We meet the likeable German couple on a beautiful stretch along the Pacific-coast. The chemistry matches from the beginning and we are travelling together for some days, having a good time and freezing late at night, because we can’t stop chatting. Simone and Uwe are riding to San Diego, then in New Zealand, Australia and Southeast Asia. www.habebo.net


31.09.2009, 06.10.2009, 07.10.2009. Prairie Creek Campground and on the way to Fairfax (California - USA), Anna: Anna from Australia is the first woman that we meet on our trip riding solo! She started in Deadhorse and is riding with an open end towards South America and probably further. We meet her a couple of times along the Pacific-coast of the USA. www.wishfish.org

30.09.2009, on the road to the Prairie Creek State Park (California - USA), Tomo: It is already getting dark, as we get stopped by a roadblock. A helicopter has to land on the road to pick up an injured person. Here we meet the Japanese Tomo, who is riding from Vancouver to Patagonia. It is already dark as we are allowed to continue riding, and we are wheeling together through Redwood-forests until we reach Prairie Creek State Park Campground...


17.06.2009, before Fort Nelson (British Columbia - Canada, Stefan: The Swiss guy comes from the other direction. He started in Vancouver and heads for Alaska, and then further on somewhere… The sky becomes dark after we part and it starts raining heavily.




15.06.2009, just after Tetsa River Lodge (British Columbia - Canada). Ed: We are rolling down a big hill (already seeing the next uphill in the distance), when we meet Ed from the US sweating uphill. We talk shortly, as the mosquitos are getting annoying. Ed is also travelling towards Alaska www.ed.longkruse.com




15.06.2009, Tetsa River Lodge (British Columbia - Canada). Dave: We just fill up our water bottles, as Dave starts talking to us. The friendly American is cycling to Alaska. His wife is accompanying him by car, but he still carries all his gear on his bicycle... www.crazyguyonabike.com/doc/davesdream




12.06.2009. After Watson Lake (British Columbia - Canada). Cal and Dee: We are not yet long on the road that day, as we meet two trike-lists. Cal and Dee from Kansas are on the road for about half a year, cycling from home to Alaska and back...




07.06.2009, about 20 km after Teslin (Yukon - Canada). Kristian: We had just decided to keep going for another 1-2 hours, as we see Kristian from Berlin parking his bicycle beside the road. He is in a bad mood, as the headwind, mosquitos and black flies are bothering him. But his mood is changing quickly for the better, as we are chatting and decide to camp together that night. It turns into a very funny evening with lots of cycle-stories J and uncountable numbers of stinging and biting insects L Kristian had started his trip about one and a half years ago in Argentina and is on the way up to Alaska, after that towards New York...




07.06.2009, just after Squanga Lake (Yukon - Canada). Henrik: Just after meeting Sohei we meet another cyclist, the likeable German Henrik. He is going northwards from the US up to Alaska. www.henrik.freehostia.de


06.06.2009 Squanga Lake, 10.06.2009 Watson Laken, 17.06. til 23.07.2009 cycling together from Fort Nelson til Fort St. John. (Yukon and British Columbia - Canada). Sohei: We meet the funny Japanese guy Sohei for the first time as we are camping at the Squanga Lake. Some days later we run into him again in Watson Lake. And again after some days we happen to camp together in Fort Nelson, where we decide to cycle together for the next days. Sohei carries a BIG LOAD of stuff! He is the most “loaded cyclist” we have ever met – and one of the funniest! His English is almost in-existent, so we talk with hand and feet. He is fascinating to watch as he puts on Nutella on his pancakes with chopsticks!! And he carries a coffee grinder! We camp together at very nice bush camps, roast marshmallows at fire places, play guitar, sing, watch a movie on our small EEE-Pc, while it is raining in the middle of nowhere... Sohei is on his first trip abroad, cycling around Alaska, across Canada, down to the US...




01.06.2009, Alaska Highway – after the border Alaska/Canada (Yukon – Canada). Aaron: After a cold night on a great campspot we are riding our first kilometres into a bright day and meet Aaron from the US. With lots of luggage he is on his way to Alaska, where he plans to job for the summer, then hop on the bike again – we guess heading south ;-)

29. and 30.05.2009, Alaska Highway – before the border Alaska/Canada (Alaska – USA). Chris: All day long we have to take our raingear on and off several times. When the first sun is coming out we see a tent and a trike beside the road. Chris from Germany is welcoming us in his bad-weather-camp and we completely forget about time when we start chatting with him... Chris is well equipped (we really envy him for his solar-milk-frother :-) and on his way for five months from Whitehorse through the Yukon and Alaska... www.long-expeditions.de


13.05.2009, Parks Highway, Denali National Park (USA - Alaska). Karin and Marten: We have just started riding the Americas two days ago in Anchorage and run into Karin and Marten from the Netherlands, who are also on their way to South America. They also stay with Ralf from "warmshowers" (www.warmshowers.org). We meet again and again on the ride to Fairbanks and in the Denali National Park and often camp together... On the way to Whitehorse we produce "Roadart" for them to cheer them up (see the creative page).