--- Cyclists we met III ---

April 2011 - May 2012

(New Zealand, Asia, USA, Europe)



07. and 08.04.2012, in the spanish Meseta and in Burgos (Spain), Gunnar and Martin: Since Santiago de Compostela we run into many short-distance cyclists, a greeting is exchanged and on we cycle. Suddenly we see two bicycles parked pointing in our direction. They belong to the two Germans Gunnar and Martin, who do their pilgrim’s journey also the opposite way – from Santiago back to Bavaria. We chat for a long time beside the road and meet them again in Burgos, where we chat some more...


30.03.2012, Santiago de Compostela (Spain), Ionut: We meet Ionut, a born Rumanian, who lives in Spain, in front of the cathedral in Santiago, where he collects money for a new artificial limp. We chat for a while with this friendly guy, who has participated in the Para-Olympics, who is a guide on the camino, who has done some long distance cycling and works at different projects and ideas. www.elparalimpicoviajero.com



21.03.2012, Lisbon (Portugal), Jakob and Catrina: After a long flight from Miami, we spend a couple of days in Lisbon, where we run into Jakob and Catrina from Switzerland in the middle of the old city. We go for a coffee and talk about cycling. The couple has just finished a month of cycling in Portugal’s south and is on its way to the airport and back to Switzerland.


02. to 04.03.2012, from Suwannee River State Park to Ichetucknee River State Park (Florida, USA), Bob: We meet the likeable and adventurous guy from Alaska in the evening, when we set up camp in the Suwannee River State Park. From the first moment on we are getting along very well, have lots of common interests and so we cycle together on the following day. Once more we camp together in the forest and enjoy each others company. Bob is cycling hard core - from San Diego (California) to Jacksonville (Florida) without any rest days.



29.02.2012, before Marianna (Florida, USA), Dane: The American Dane is on his way home – from Key West to Seattle. We stop and chat about our routes and tell each other what is lying ahead...


16.02.2012, in New Roads (Louisiana, USA), Geraldine and Kyler: We just get "comfortable" at Jim’s campground – the worst campground in in the US so far – as another touring couple rolls in. Geraldine and Kyler from Philadelphia cycle from Florida to Austin, Texas. We exchange lots of tips about the way...


15.02.2012, just before Ville Platte (Texas, USA), Cilia and Gareth: All day long we try to cycle away from a bad weather front that is coming from behind, when we meet Cilia and Gareth from Maine, who try to do the same. We chat with those likeable people, that are on their way from Florida to California. Then we head on... into the rain.


28.01.2012, some kilometres before Langtry (Texas, USA), Steve and John: We chat a long time with the two entertaining guys from Louisiana. Steve just started to cycle around Texas and Louisiana, while his friend John (to the left) is accompanying him for a couple of days.


24.01.2012, before Sierra Blanca (Texas, USA), Anne and Dave: We had already heard about the couple Anne and Dave from Michigan and meet before Sierra Blanca. They cycle around the USA – along the borders. We just talk briefly, as it is cold and the wind is blowing. They are headed towards El Paso, while we go further east into the desert of Texas...


15.01.2012, shortly passed Safford (Arizona, USA), Isac: The Swede Isac cycles towards us, when we are leaving Safford. He started in Boston and goes towards San Diego. After that he wants to go to Australia and around the world with an "open end". We chat beside the road, then we roll on into different directions...


16.12.2011, just after the cambodian-vietnamese border before Chau Doc (Vietnam), Tristan, Antoine and Charles: In the beautiful Mekong-Delta we are cycling on small roads, but also here we meet other cyclists. The three french guys Tristan, Antoine and Charles are on their way to Cambodia, where we just come from. Within a year they plan to cycle 20.000 km around the world - as a university year abroad! Wonderful, we wish we had studied at that university too! http://www.3petitsguidons.com


10.12.2011, between Battambang and Pursat (Cambodia), Joseba: We are just cycling on the main road through Cambodia, as we run into a cyclist from the Basque country. Joseba travels very light-weight, a small backpack and some juggling clubs are enough for him. We chat for a while an suddenly he makes us enjoy his juggling performance. All in all he will travel for four months in Southeast-Asia. 



07. and 08.12. and 12. until 14.12.2011, in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, Markus (M@x): We cycle around the temples in Angkor Wat, when M@x crosses our path. He is the first cycling Austrian we meet! He is at the beginning of his Asia tour and comes from Bangkok. We meet again in Phnom Penh, stay in the same guesthouse and spend many hours chatting. M@x is on his way to Vietnam, wants to go north there, then into Laos and will finish his round-trip in Bangkok... or he will keep going... www.x-sound.at


21.11. until 01.12.2011, northern Laos until Phimai in Thailand, Michel: We are sitting in the hot springs with Andy and Damian, as another cyclist comes along the road and stops here also for the night. Michel is from Belgium, started cycling in Chang Mai and is on its way to Bangkok, where he will meet up with a friend and together they will cycle in southern Thailand. He is a well travelled person, has been all over the world with motorcycle and his Unimog. Now he is on his first cycle tour. He loves it and will probably stick to it for the future. We cycle together for a few days and become good friends.



21.11.2011, at the hot spings between Luang Prabang and Vang Vieng (Laos), Andy and Damian: As we move into our room, two other cyclists come around the corner. The two Brits, Damian and Andy, have started in Australia and are on their way to Europe via Central Asia. They are aware of the fact that winter is coming, but full of good will. We are curious to follow their blog. www.bigbikeback.co.uk


21.11.2011, on the long downhill from Kiukacham (Laos), the two Thais whose names we never understood: We are just stopping for a cold Coke, as the two Thai men cycle up the hill and stop for a chat. With hand and feet (and no common language) we learn about each other’s where-to, where-from. They are going to Northern Laos and Vietnam.


10.11. until 20.11.2011, from Dien Bien Phu (Vietnam) until south of  Luang Prabang (Laos), Emma and Justin: Our last stop in Vietnam is the city of Dien Bien Phu. When we turn into the driveway of our hotel, we run into Emma and Justin from New Zealand. We find them very likeable and cycle the next few hundred kilometres together – constantly chatting – through the Vietnamese and Lao hill land. The two have started their trip in London and have come through Europe, Russia, Mongolia, China and South East Asia – eventually heading for New Zealand. www.rolling-tales.com




05.11. until 09.11.2011, in the hills of Northern Vietnam (Vietnam), Martina and Roman: We meet the Swiss couple on the way to Mai Chau, where we all stay in a traditional wooden stilt house, and decide to cycle together for the next few days. They have just started their cycle tour through Northern Vietnam and want to do a circle via Sapa through the mountains and back to Hanoi.




12.10.2011, in cockpit-karst landscape around Yangshuo (China), Steve and Karen: We are rocking and rolling along walking and donkey trails through the fascinating landscapes of cockpit-karst around Yangshuo, as we meet Steve and Karen. The British couple has sold everything and started cycling around the world two years ago - as long as the money will last. The chemistry is right immediately and we ride the rest of the day together between the rice fields. www.my-bicycling-adventure.com



17. to 27.09.2011, Beijing (China), Stef and Angela: The French-British couple (living in Vienna) is on a world trip for a year by bicycle. After Europe and Central Asia they stop in Beijing and want to start riding again in Southeast Asia. Stef and Angela are hosted by the same warmshowers members as we are (see www.warmshowers.org) and we spend some days and evenings together. www.ouestef.org



18.05.2011, shortly after Taupo (New Zealand), Eileen: We are just leaving Taupo, trying to escape the rain, as we run into Eileen. The german girl has emigrated to Australia and is just having a year off, in order to cycle round New Zealand. She also has plans for mountain biking, tramping and doing some voluntary work. We are having a picknick together, then she is heading south and we north. Our destination for the day are the same www.warmshowers.org -hosts, that she has just left that morning.



02.05.2011, shortly before Hokitika (New Zealand), Pierre and Laure: We had heard about the two French, who would come towards us with their recumbent bikes. Time flies, while we are talking to them beside the road. They have been to South America recently and after cycling New Zealand, they want to continue to Asia. So we will probably bump into them again over there :-) www.enviroulemonde.fr


01.05.2011, at the camping ground in Fox Glacier (New Zealand), Ludgar: We meet Ludgar from England (with German roots) at the camp ground. He has been travelling in New Zealand already for a few months and wants to go on to Australia. We chat during breakfast and leave the place in different directions.


18.04.2011, about 40 kilometres before Te Anau (Neuseeland), Marc and Manuela: In freezing temperatures we were rolling downhill towards Te Anau, as we run into Marc and Manuela. The German couple is riding crisscross around New Zealand since February. A funny coincident is, that they have stayed with some of the same warmshowers hosts – cyclists hosting cyclists (www.warmshowers.org) – as us :-) www.farfaraway.rtwblog.de